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PRIVATE GEN: Privacy Regimes Investigated: Variations, Adaptations and Transformations in an Era of (post-) Genomics

Duration: 02/2010 bis 12/2013
Coordination: Andréa Vermeer / Georg Lauss / Peter Dabrock
Funded by: BMBF


"The Definition of Life in Times of its Technical Feasibility. Ethical, Legal and Social Challenges of Synthetic Biology"

LOEWE Research Fokus

"Cultural Neurosciences. Neural Processes, Social Interactions and Societal Conflicts"


"Justice, Fairness and Biobanking Conflicting Concepts?"


"Psychosocial, Ethical and Legal Consequences of Genetic Findings on Obesity"


„Therapeutic Cloning as a Challenge for the Status Determination of the Human Embryo“